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I’m going to be cosplaying Momo-chan sooooo I was thinking of making a Momo blog. Would anyone follow it?

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I keep seeing tumblr people at Kumoricon and I wanna talk to them but I don’t wanna be a creeper…

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It’s Sexual Sunday! Ask my character about their sex life! (Ex: kinks, position, etc.)


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How do you like my writing? Grade me!

A = Awesome! You’re amazing! Are you even real??

B = Pretty badass. Keep it up.

C = Not bad, not bad. Room for improvement, but I like it.

D = The efforts there, but you need more practice. But don’t give up!

F = Have you ever sat through an language class before?

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that episode was fucking sad.

in other news:



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((Anyone want to rp?))

I wanna!  But I won’t be back until Monday.  When I get back though I’ll start something.

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Alright friends, I’m leaving today for a con and I’ll be back Monday. My Makoto and Nagisa will be with me and at some point we’re going to do fem-free pool stuff and also they’re doing fem-free maids while I’m going to be Haru in a maid outfit. I promise pictures of us being silly and ridiculous.

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Blinking, Ceri then just raised one singular eyebrow before it dawned on her. So that’s what this is about. Brow furrowing, she leaned her head against her hand as she looked back down at her notes.

"Um… I’m not sure about that…"

That wasn’t something she would often think about. “How did you four decide your animals?” She asked, looking back up at Nagisa.

"That’s easy," Nagisa said smiling.  "Haru-chan’s a dolphin because he looks like one when he swims.  Mako-chan’s a killer whale because even though they’re kinda scary looking and called ‘killer’ they’re actually really nice.  And Rei-chan is a butterfly because he does butterfly stroke."

He beamed happily, “and I’m a penguin because they’re my favorite!”

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Personal Mascot || nagisahazukifree


"… What animal am I?" Ceri asked, raising her eyebrows.

The two were in the library, in what was supposed to be a study session. But Nagisa, as usual, was saying something that threw her off. “What… do you mean by that?”

"What animal are you?"  Nagisa asked again, eagerly waiting for her answer.  Since she’d joined the swim team it was mandatory that he knew what animal she was.  Everyone had one and they all had them on their cubbies and name plates.

"Haru-chan is a dolphin, Mako-chan is a killer whale, Rei-chan is a butterfly even though they don’t swim.  And I’m a penguin!  What are you Ceri-chan?"

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  • KyoAni: Season Two of Free confirmed~
  • KyoAni: *Rei almost leaves team*
  • KyoAni: *Nagisa crying*
  • KyoAni: *Haru depressed*
  • KyoAni: *Iwatobi loses relay*
  • KyoAni: *Haru yelling*
  • KyoAni: *Sosuke shoulder*
  • KyoAni: Hey Future Fish~

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Finally got rid of all my drafts~

So littlemikoshibas and rei—ryuugazaki I did replies for you guys.

rei-chxn, ask-haruka-inuka - I wanna get starters to you guys when I get back.  I made some but I don’t know if you missed them or I missed them.  Either way, we can start something when I get back.

butterflyofiwatobi, mcl-ceri-mccarthy - I killed our RP(s) just because I wasn’t sure if you wanted to continue or not.  I’d love to start a new one though if you’re interested!  

surreptitious-phantom - I wanna plot more with you so we can start something once I get back!

I think that’s everyone…  If I’ve missed you or you want to start something, let me know!  I’ll be online for a little while today then I’ll be at the con from tonight until Monday night.  I’ll try to post here and there and reply to messages but for the most part I’ll be gone.

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Master Thief

As soon as the door opened just a fraction, Rei sprung into action and wedged his fingers between the gap and the door frame. There was no way he was going to allow him to escape again, not after he had been so close. He couldn’t help but breath a sigh in relief that his hunch had been right and that the blond would return to his hideaway. 

"Listen…I’m sure we can work something out okay?" Rei said as he attempted to catch his breath from where he had been running once more. Deep down he knew that attempting to negotiate with a criminal wasn’t the correct procedure, but at this point he was beginning to run out of options.

"If you come with me I’ll try my hardest to get the courts to reduce your sentence by a few months. That’s the best I can do. Just please don’t run anymore because you’re only going to end up making this worse for yourself." he spoke as he wiggled his fingers in the gap of the door, the pressure on them beginning to hurt somewhat. "If you let me inside I promise that I won’t pull my gun on you again okay?" Rei continued. He wanted to at least try and gain the others trust. Maybe if he attempted to show him confidence then the blond would actual believe him. 

He wasn’t confident about this at all; and he had proved that when Nagisa had noticed just how much his fingers had been shaking on the trigger of his gun. 

Nagisa narrowed his eyes a little as he held the door firmly in place.  He was a little guy but he wasn’t a weakling.  He was surprised that this guy didn’t just bust the door in.  Then again, he also couldn’t shoot his gun at the blond.  Some FBI agent he was.

He weighed the pros and cons of letting the officer inside.  If he did, he’d have the home field advantage.  The guy promised he wouldn’t pull his gun out but that meant nothing to him.  Nagisa could easy fight the blue haired one off if it came to that.  The pros seemed strong.

On the other hand, he would be letting in an officer of the law.  Not only that, but one that clearly was there was arrest him and Nagisa did not want to go to jail.  At least not now.  The guy could be stalling or something.  He probably called back up by now.  If Nagisa let him in, the place could be surrounded and he wouldn’t know about it. 

The blond stayed firm for a while then made an annoyed sound and stepped back, allowing the FBI agent to come into his home.  It wasn’t much.  It was sorta messy.  He didn’t really care especially now that he was planning on skipping town.

He glared defiantly at the officer waiting to see what he’d do now that the boy had cooperated. 

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